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OFF WHITE - ORGANIC COTTON FRENCH TERRY SWEATSHIRT 320g - the ideal material for sweatshirts, tracksuits and dresses 

ORGANIC COTTON FRENCH TERRY SWEATSHIRT 320g - is an excellent, soft and looped knitted fabric. It is perfect to produce both sports and casual clothing. 

Off white – organic cotton French terry sweatshirt 320g - is heavy, low-stretch material that is stable and pleasant to the body. It is very comfortable and cosy. The right side is smooth with very similar structure to single jersey whereas the left side is covered by characteristic loops. The both sides are made of natural cotton yarn. The inside loops are additionally cut what cleans the surface from unwanted fibers and reveals the loop’s structure. The right and left side is matched by small percentage of polyester yarn. It is essential for appropriate fabric’s shape and shrinkage.

Knitwear directly from a manufacturer, entirely made in Poland 

Our knitwear

Composition: 45% organic cotton, 45% cotton, 10% polyester

Color: off white

Width: 175 cm (+/-5%)

Weight: 320 g/m2 (+/-5%) 

OFF WHITE – ORGANIC COTTON FRENCH TERRY SWEATSHIRT 320g - find out more about our knitwear

What are the characteristics of the product ORGANIC COTTON FRENCH TERRY SWEATSHIRT 320g?

  • heavy
  • pleasant to the touch
  • skin friendly
  • soft
  • low stretch
  • keeping in shape
  • well-structure
  • stable
  • smooth
  • breathable
  • cosy
  • ecological

Use of the knitted fabric

Our knitted fabric off white – organic cotton french terry sweatshirt 320g - can be used for sewing and designing:

  • sweatshirts 
  • tracksuits
  • trousers
  • cowls
  • hats
  • dresses
  • children’s clothing 


The knitted fabric is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® certified, which is one of the most leading safety marks. This means that the knitted fabric has been tested, is free from any harmful substances and has no negative impact on humans. It is completely safe to use and is suitable for, among other things, the production of children's clothing.

The organic yarn used for the production of our knitwear is also GOTS-certified, i.e. the Global Organic Textile Standard, which gives you confidence our knitted fabrics do not contain harmful chemicals, and in their production we reduce, among other things, energy and water consumption. 

Care instructions

*If there is not enough knitted fabric in the online shop please contact us .

**The colour of the knitted fabric, depending on your computer/phone settings, may differ from the picture in our online shop.

***We encourage you to order our samples to check the quality and colours live. 

The knitted fabric, after being cut to the size indicated by you, is not returnable. 

Informazioni aggiuntive

Colori Crema, beige
Composizione 45% cotone biologico, 45% cotone, 10% poliestere
Grammatura, Peso 320 g/m2
Larghezza 175 cm
Numero di colore 357
Numero dell'articolo 017
Efficienza 1,7 m/kg (+/- 5%)

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